Ass without a Burden Surely Walks Nimbly
خر که کمتر نهند بر وی بار بی‌شک آسوده‌تر کند رفتار

«Ass without Burden Surely Walks Nimbly» was developed as teaching material for a workshop with Maryam Taghavi at SAIC with the subject of teaching non-Iranian artists how to create Contemporary Iranian Art and how to learn from it as a role model. One of the two volumes is intended for workshop participants while the other is addressed to teachers who will reperform the workshop in the future. All images in the book are taken from Iranian art despite the universal tone of the text. Clear instructions in form of a scenario printed in the appendix help participants to behave in an Iranian way throughout the workshop, teaching them how to deal with the addressee and one another in a more humanly and friendly manner.

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